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Guideline of Radio Usage

HKPA Radio Emergency Channel (Always ON): VHF 145.9875MHz (no CTCSS Tone)
本會使用應急頻(必任何時開啟): VHF 145.9875MHz (沒有CTCSS Tone)
HKPA Radio Chatting Channel: UHF 437.425MHz (CTCSS Tone: 67.0Hz)
本會使用對: UHF 437.425MHz (CTCSS Tone: 67.0Hz)

Callsign of HKPA: VR2ZPJ
HKPA 的呼號 Callsign: VR2ZPJ

(ALL pilots MUST bring your radio and monitor the “Emergency Channel” at ANYTIME during the paragliding activity, if you want to use the “Chatting Channel” during the flights, it is recommended to use the radio with “dual monitoring” function or bring one more radio.)


Additional Radio Frequencies for Teaching purposes: UHF 437.1250MHz; UHF 437.2500MHz; UHF 437.3750MHz Recommended CTCSS Tone: 67.0Hz (Not compulsory)

「教學」頻道: UHF 437.1250MHz; UHF 437.2500MHz; UHF 437.3750MHz 建議使用啞音碼 CTCSS Tone: 67.0Hz (非強制性)

(Please DO NOT use any radio frequencies that not listed above unless you have your own ATO license.)

This is HKPA Radio Officer’s responsibility to monitor the channels frequently and we found that lots of us seldom indicate the callsign during radio communication. Please be reminded that the callsign is very important to indicate we are legally occupying the radio frequency for paragliding activity. So please indicate the HKPA callsign in every 15 mins during the radio communication.


Giovanni: VR2ZPJ Kelly Kelly, this is Giovanni Over?
Kelly: Kelly copy, go ahead.
Giovanni: I will take off in 10 mins over.
Kelly: Roger, Out.

For details, please refer to the term "Radio Etiquette" in google.
詳情請參閱 "Radio Etiquette" in google.

By way of background, a radio sticker proves that the equipment has been registered under the HKPA’s Amateur Station License (ASL) and belongs to HKPA.  The club’s ASL is issued by Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) and can be legally used in Hong Kong by a licensed operator.

The club’s ASL is renewed on an annual basis and will be expired by end of Jun every year, and you will receive a new radio sticker when the club’s ASL is renewed.  If you change equipment or purchase additional equipment, that equipment must be registered under the club’s ASL and belongs to HKPA, then you will receive a new radio sticker for the new equipment once you’ve updated your profile on the HKPA website with the new equipment’s (1)manufacturer, (2)model number, and (3)serial number, (4&5)photos(Front and back with visible Serial No.).  We will apply for new stickers around December and June of each year.

It is important to note that to legally operate registered equipment (such as your radio with a radio sticker) in Hong Kong, you must separately apply for and receive from the OFCA an Authority to Operate (ATO), which is not the same as the club’s ASL.  An ATO costs HKD160 and is valid for 5 years.  The link for the application for an ATO is:
 (in English and Chinese)

To receive an ATO, you either need to produce an amateur radio license from another jurisdiction (such as the UK or USA) or you must secure a Hong Kong Radio Amateur’s Examination (HKRAE) certificate.  The exam is given twice a year.  Please see the link below for more details in relation to securing an HKRAE certificate:

Thanks for your support in helping the HKPA stay safe and stay legal in Hong Kong!
    • PG Flying Ltd / Radio Officer / Hong Kong Paragliding Association /

 - PG Flying Ltd / 通訊主任 / 香港滑翔傘協會 /

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