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Accidental Tree Landing

Paragliding in Hong Kong is practiced primarily over wooded areas with the risk a pilot and/or paraglider lands in a tree.

The following guidance should be observed in case of a tree landing:

  1. Check yourself for injury before moving.
  2.  Consider whether emergency services are needed (i.e. you are injured or unable to get safely back to the ground)
  3. Call for help if required, use radio frequency 145.9875 or mobile phone to alert other pilots.
  4. Report your condition.
  5. Determine safe descent to the ground. Disconnect from harness.
  6. Disconnect harness from the glider
  7. To aid in freeing the glider, consider opening the maillons and freeing the lines. This may help prevent lines from entangling.
  8. Carefully untangle lines from branches, guide the canopy away from branches.
  9. Take care not to cut, pick or uproot any part of the plant/tree. Pilots shall respect CAP 208A Section 8 regarding the protection of vegetation and soil. No person shall within a country park or special area, except in accordance with a permit in writing granted by the Authority (AFCD) cut, pick or uproot any plant or part of a plant, whether living or dead. See:
  10. If unable to remove your glider without damage to the tree, contact the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) for assistance with recovery via hotline 1823 or email

1. 檢查自己或他人是否否因此而受傷
2. 評估狀況,考慮是否需要緊急救援
3. 使用對講機 (緊急頻道 145.9875) 通知其他傘友
4. 報告現時狀況
5. 在安全情況下,解扣並返回地面
6. 拆除坐袋
7. 若傘翼仍掛在樹上,可嘗試解開連接Risers及傘繩之maillons(安全扣),避免傘繩的纏繞
8. 慢慢把傘繩移開遠離樹枝,並把傘翼慢慢移除
9. 在移除傘繩及傘翼時,應小心以免傷及樹木。飛行員應遵守香港法例,在未有當局(漁護署)的許可下損壞樹木可能已觸犯香港法例 (《林區及郊區條例》(第96章)、《郊野公園條例》(第208章)等法例)
10. 如仍未能成功移除傘翼傘繩,可致電1823 或電郵 尋求協助

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