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Hong Kong Paragliding Squad

In preparation for 18th Asian Games and other upcoming international competitions, the Hong Kong China Paragliding Association (HKPA) is forming a Hong Kong Paragliding Squad for training, information sharing and Hong Kong Team selection purposes.


Athletes should be HKID card holders and must be full and paid up members of the HKPA and holders of the FAI Sporting License, which means they should follow the operational guidelines of the HKPA and the FAI sporting code. To demonstrate their performance, they should possess at least IPPI Pro 4 rating or equivalent (subject to verification by the HKPA safety officer). To demonstrate their intention to compete, they should have already participated in a least one FAI Cat 2 competition by the application deadline*. They should strive to achieve their highest potential at all times and maintain good manners and sportsmanship during competitions. During the course of the year, they should continue to have the desire to participate in both local and international competitions, and to be selected to represent Hong Kong in international competitions including the 18th Asian Games. The HKPA Executive Committee reserves the rights to revoke eligibility of an athlete based on changes in circumstances.


Annual basis


Please fill the Squad Application Form


Dec 31st prior to the calendar year with the exception of 2018 where the deadline will be Sep 30th, 2017.

HK Team and Selection Policy for the 18th Asian Games Indonesia 2018

The 18th Asian Games will be held at Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia from 18th August to 2nd September 2018. The Games will for the first time include cross-country paragliding and accuracy paragliding.


Tentatively, the following are the possible events, subject to confirmation by the Asian Games Organizing Committee:

Cross Country Solo (Men’s and Women’s) Accuracy Solo (Men’s and Women’s) Accuracy Team (Men’s and Women’s)


The Asian Games are Continental Games governed by the rules and regulations of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) as well as any regulations which might be imposed by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

The Hong Kong Paragliding Association (HKPA), as the National Sports Association (NSA) for paragliding in Hong Kong, will nominate members of the Hong Kong Paragliding Squad to represent Hong Kong in the Asian Games, subject to final approval by the Sport Federation of Olympic Committee of Hong Kong China (SF&OC),


A. Nationality

Athletes must first satisfy the nationality requirements of the Organizers and the HKSAR Government before they can be considered. Generally this means they must be a Hong Kong National. Please consult the Constitution and Rules of the Olympic Council of Asia Article 50. 2-3 for the necessary conditions for representing a country. There are rather complicated rules for persons who do not hold a HK SAR passport but are resident in Hong Kong and fulfill other criteria. Each such case needs to be individually presented to the SF&OC for consideration.

B. Membership and Licensing

Athletes must be current members of the HKPA Paragliding Squad, which means they should follow the operational guidelines of the HKPA and the FAI sporting code.

C. Performance

The Olympic Committee requires that potential participants should have demonstrated outstanding results (usually top 8) in international competitions during 2015 - 2018. Particular weight is given to results achieved at the following events: World Championships, Asian Championships, National Games, and other major international events.

Primary consideration for selection will be the competition performance of the athlete with particular consideration given to the most recent performances. FAI rankings and points accumulated will be key indicators of such performance. Athletes will be assessed both individually and in teams. The Executive Committee will use objective assessment results in making team selections. At the present time, the Executive Committee considers athletes in the Top 150 of FAI Asia-Oceania rankings, athletes with at least 40 FAI ranking points and athletes placed in the top third of at least two FAI Cat 2 competitions to be selected. The level required to achieve selection is a minimum indicator and does not imply automatic selection. Also, the Organizing Committee of the Asian Games has indicated that there will be accepting 7 Men and 5 Women to compete in both cross country and accuracy paragliding from each country so the Executive Committee will exercise special considerations with these constraints.

In order to be considered for the selection, the athlete shall not at any time during the selection period participate in any hazardous or dangerous pursuit or voluntarily take any risk which might prevent the athlete from being ready and able to perform at competition level or subject himself/herself to any event involving serious risk of death or injury. Furthermore, the athlete undertakes that he or she shall not do or omit to do any act which may attract adverse publicity or may prejudice or adversely affect the reputation and image of HKPA or himself/herself. The athlete should pass a medical checkup to demonstrate his/her fitness for competition. The Executive Committee will use their own judgment in assessing components such as technical development, responsiveness to coaching, interaction with teammates and coaches, psychological strengths, and team compatibility. Athletes should strive to achieve their highest potential at all times leading up to the Games.

HKPA reserves the rights to amend its selection criteria as necessary, particularly where there is a change to the qualification system or circumstances affecting the nomination/ entries process.

Nomination of the Hong Kong Team should take place in March/April 2018 while final Selection (subject to SF&OC) should take place in May/June 2018.


Please refer to the HKPA Appeals Procedure.

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