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Fireside Chat with Micky Von Wachter

30 May 2020 00:27 | Anonymous

We were honored to have avid pilot Micky share with us his paragliding experiences using zoom for the first time

In case you missed, here’s a replay of the online knowledge sharing session with Micky.

Micky shares his extensive flying experience of 30 years and will be a fellow paragliding buddy we’ll definitely see more of him at the take off.

In this first episode, we pick his brain on his views on safe progression, considerations when choosing the right equipment, and why understanding your motivations for flying are important.

Here are some of the key points for those in a rush:

-Understand what your motivations are in paragliding - Why do you fly?

-SIV may not be for everyone

-The harness you choose can change the characteristics (and passive safety) of your wing

-Cobra Launches are the best way to have a controlled inflation in strong wind

-To progress and improve your flying - Be open minded and have an objective or goal in mind each time you fly

-Progress at your own pace!

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