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2023 Annual General Meeting 會員週年大會

  • 26 Nov 2023
  • 18:30 - 21:30
  • 3/F, Ka Wing Building, 532-538 Nathan Road


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Hong Kong CHINA Paragliding Association Limited Annual General Meeting

Sun 26 Nov 2023, 6.30PM (Meal service at 6.30PM, meeting to commence at 7.00PM)

2023  11  26 日星期日 下午 6.30 (下午 6.30 提供膳食,晚上 7.00 開始會議)

Yau Ma Tei Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant
3/F, Ka Wing Building, 532-538 Nathan Road (YMT MTR Exit A2)

油麻地好彩海鮮酒家彌敦道532-538號嘉榮大廈3 (油麻地站A2出口)

The HKPA Limited will conduct the 2023 Annual General Meeting on Sunday 26 November at 7.00pm.

中國香港滑翔傘協會有限公司 擬於 11  26 日星期日下午7:00舉行 2023 會員週年大會

Articles of business 議程:

Reports from the Executive Members and Financial Reports 執行委員的報告和財務報告

Election results for Executive Committee Members 執行委員會選舉

Appointment of the auditors 任命審計師

Financial reports 財務報告

The financial reports are available to members at the following link:會員可透過以下連結取得財務報告:

Signup 報名:

The following options for signup are available- 報名選項 -

  • 1)      AGM only (Free for all to attend)
  • 僅參與會員週年大會(所有人均可免費參加)
  • 2)      AGM + Dinner ($50 for member, $300 for member’s guest)
  • 參與會員週年大會 + 晚餐(會員 $50 ,非會員 $300
  • 3)      You may nominate a proxy to vote at the meeting on your behalf
  • 您可以提名代理人代表您在會議上投票

Discovery members are welcome to attend, but are non-voting.


The dinner is subsidized by the Association so no shows will be charged the full cost of the dinner.


Elections for Executive Committee -

執行委員會選舉 -

The office term is ending for the the Treasurer and Secretary,  and the Chairman has submitted a resignation in writing. An election each position will take place by online balot should there be more than one candidate standing for the position.


To stand for any of these three positions, please email your nomination to Each nomination must have:


  1. The name of the candidate / 候選人姓名
  2. The position being nominated for (Chairman / Treasurer / Secretary) / 被提名的職位(主席/財務主管/秘書
  3. The name of the nominating-member / 提名人的姓名
  4. The name of a seconding-member / 和議人的姓名

The nominations will close 14 days before the Annual General Meeting (4.30pm 12 November)

提名將在會員週年大會前 14 天結束(暫定為 11  12 日下午 4 點,但如果會員週年大會日期/時間有變動,可能會發生變化)

Candidates, nominators, and seconders must all be either Full / Life / Perpetual members of the association.


The term of office of the elected candidates begins on the day after the Annual General Meeting (27 November)


Motions for the Annual General Meeting


Members may propose motions in advance for the Annual General Meeting by emailing


Motions to change the Association's "Articles of Incorporation" must be received by the secretary and circulated to the members 21 days before the Annual General Meeting (5 November). Motions for changes to the "Operations Manual" or other governance documents must also be either be circulated by this date or will not be binding on the Executive Committee.

在正式召開會員週年大會之前(暫定於 11  5 日),秘書必須收到更改協會“公司章程”的動議。修改“運營手冊”或其他治理文件的動議也必須在會員週年大會通知之前提交,否則對執行委員會不具有約束力。

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