HKPA report number 101

Site: Lantau

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Date of Event: Monday 25th of September 2017

This Incident report was filed on Sunday 29th of October 2017 and the last change to the report was made on Thursday 25th of January 2018 by Herman Chiu

Injury Index = 0
( 0 =No Injuries or Minor - brief visit to Doctor)
( 1 =Significant - hospitalized or work time loss less than 48 hours)
( 2 =Temporary Disabling Injuries)
( 3 =Permanent Partial Disabling Injuries)
( 4 =Permanent Total Disability)
( 5 =Fatal injuries)


A pilot holding a Unknown Licence with Unknown years of experience whist flying at Lantau at approximately 15-1700hrs on Monday 25th of September 2017.

The conditions at the time were reported to be Smooth with a SE wind blowing approximately 16-20kph. The temperature was 15-19deg C with Some Cloud and Unlimited Visibility.

There were reported to be 2-5 pilots at the site.

Factors in this Incident:
Overshoot LZ
No Radio
Water Landing

Event Description:

On 25 Sept, 2017, before 3:45pm, i just arrived take off zone of Lantau island flying site. East South South wind, wind speed 15-20 km/hour, nice weather with sun. I saw there two gliders were flying over Lower cheung Sha Beach, one glider flew toward to Upper Cheung Sha Beach and landed on the normal landing site (we usually call it 'Palm beach'). However, (attached 1 picture) One glider was flying straight to the ocean by Lower Cheung Sha Beach. The pilot landed in water about 50-100M from the beach and hold the skerry in the middle of the sea. Instructor made a phone call to emergency rescue, and than he flew down to the beach nearby there. It was reported that this is the 1st time the pilot flew the brand new wing, and this is the 2nd flight of the pilot since he learn paragliding. There's also reported that the pilot's radio had problem and was not to able hear commands from instructor. And than I took off and landed on landing zone Palm beach. I saw the pilot safe and wash the gldier.

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