HKPA report number 3

Site: Shek O

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Date of Event: Friday 14th of December 2012

This Accident report was filed on Thursday 31st of January 2013 and the last change to the report was made on Monday 25th of February 2013 by Trevor Gribble

Injury Index = 0
( 0 =No Injuries or Minor - brief visit to Doctor)
( 1 =Significant - hospitalized or work time loss less than 48 hours)
( 2 =Temporary Disabling Injuries)
( 3 =Permanent Partial Disabling Injuries)
( 4 =Permanent Total Disability)
( 5 =Fatal injuries)


A pilot holding a Advanced Licence with 3-5 years of experience whist flying at Shek O at approximately 12-1400hrs on Friday 14th of December 2012.

The conditions at the time were reported to be Variable with a SE wind blowing approximately 10-15kph. The temperature was 20-24deg C with Some Cloud and Slight Haze Visibility.

There were reported to be 1 pilots at the site.

Factors in this Accident:
Hard Landing
Tree Impact

Event Description:

Glider: new NOVA ION2, M, pilot just in the middle of the weight range, flight experience 200 flights, 90h air time, flown in SO at least 6 times before, 2:30 pm, wind: approx. 15 kmh OSO, rather stable, enough to stay up to 50-70 m above the ridge, some clouds/haze (20%), temp 20C,

I was flying from south to north, around 50 m higher than ridge, around 30 m in front (east) of ridge when sensing some more lift to my left. Made a rather dynamic turn to the left in order to centre the lift, found myself not able to finish the turn on top of the ridge but approx. 10-15 m (max.!) behind the ridge, still ca. 40 m high. Had done ca. 200 degree turn when I felt strong sinking, looked up, saw front stall plus both tips had come in to the centre (front), nearly touched. Pulled both breaks very hard very far down to open up the glider (glider in the centre above me). From here on not so sure about what exactly happened: recall that glider opened, made a 90 degree turn to the right, collapsed again and I hit the ground very hard 25 m behind (west of) the ridge (low trees/bushes, thick foam protector) with the glider coming down in front of me (now facing WSW) very fast, hitting the ground hard, all raisers stretched.

Some bruises and dislocated bones (spine, hip, hand) but nothing “serious” which seems a wonder, very very lucky that day. Went back to the take off and flew down to the small beach.

Committee Response: (if any )

emailed pilot and offered more information as to possible cause of event, namely thermal near the ridge causing the sink and the collapse.

discussion was had by emails that the possibility of a lee-side thermal causing the incident.

suggest that pilots be more cautious when operating near to the ground on all sites.

Committee Action: (if any )

email to all members with diagram of thermal near ridge