Joining the HKPA

If you have a valid Paragliding licence already then it is just a matter of paperwork to join the HKPA. The HK$ 600 per year membership fee plus a $200 per year insurance premium = $800 per year total is very reasonable and provide you with legally required insurance coverage ( currently HK$ 10M ), and access to the Mailing List, Twitter feed and Forums here on the website and other benefits as well as the commeraderie of all your fellow Paragliding enthusiasts.

僅為港幣H K $600+$200=$800,並可享有保額高達一千萬港元的第三者責任保險,此外可
登入本網站的論壇及推介,還有其他福利如 ________.

(Note: If you fly in Hong Kong without being a member of the HKPA, you ar elegally required to posess US$15M third party liability insurance)

(附註: 非香港滑翔傘協會會員而在香港上空滑翔,需購買150萬美

You are able to submit your application right here on the website,

記”開始 ,網頁會列出會費及及登記步驟,請填入下列資料:

Click on "Register" in the "Member Login" Section at the lower left to start the process.
When you click on register you will see the membership options and the up to date membership fees.

items you will need prior to registration are

  • email address 電郵地址
  • phone number 電話號碼
  • postal address 郵寄地址
  • name of next of kin ( emergency contact ) 緊急聯絡人姓名及電話號碼
  • phone number of next of kin
  • scan of a PASSPORT PHOTO   掃描版證件照片
  • scan of YOUR FLYING LICENCE   掃描版滑翔飛行執照
  • your wing make 滑翔傘種類
  • your wing colour 滑翔翼顏色
  • bank deposit reference number ( for the committee member to check your fees transaction on the bank statement ) 透過銀行繳交會員費的單據號碼 (執委會可按此核實繳費記錄)

it takes a few minutes to join by the internet. once you have followed the process, we will include you on the mailing list for you to be able to post to all the members

Mailing List

The HKPA mailing list is for members to freely communicate with eachother.

the address currently is Once you are a member you will be able to email the group

all you have to do is send an email to this address and as long as you are a fully fledged member of the HKPA all the other members will receive your email

if there is a problem please contact with your issue