HKPA report number 9

Site: Ma On Shan

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Date of Event: Wednesday 30th of January 2013

This Accident report was filed on Wednesday 20th of February 2013 and the last change to the report was made on Sunday 24th of February 2013 by Trevor Gribble

Injury Index = 0
( 0 =No Injuries or Minor - brief visit to Doctor)
( 1 =Significant - hospitalized or work time loss less than 48 hours)
( 2 =Temporary Disabling Injuries)
( 3 =Permanent Partial Disabling Injuries)
( 4 =Permanent Total Disability)
( 5 =Fatal injuries)


A pilot holding a Instructor Licence with Unknown years of experience whist flying at Ma On Shan at approximately 12-1400hrs on Wednesday 30th of January 2013.

The conditions at the time were reported to be Stable with a E wind blowing approximately 10-15kph. The temperature was 15-19deg C with A Little Cloud and Hazy Visibility.

There were reported to be 2-5 pilots at the site.

Factors in this Accident:
Tree Impact
Impact with Obstacle
Undershoot LZ
Property Damage
Upsetting Neighbours

Event Description:

see event 5 Ma On Shan. quote from the email: "I've attached a pic of the pilot from the breakage a few weeks back. I took the pic to 'explain' to PCCW. There is a ditch to the side of the path and that is where they landed after taking down the cables. Also, note his chute is caught up on the farmers fence.

This guy was apologetic and offered to pay costs, as did one of his friends/colleagues later on who seemed to be ground crew." and "The pilots need to know that all the area around our house is nasty ground. Cables, broken swampy ground, fence posts and barbed wire. "

Committee Response: (if any )

Following up the event #6. this event occurred prior to that " a few weeks earlier".

Any information would be appreciated as it appears they are conducting "instruction".

Committee Action: (if any )