HKPA report number 29

Site: Ma On Shan

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Date of Event: Saturday 11th of January 2014

This Accident report was filed on Tuesday 14th of January 2014 and the last change to the report was made on Tuesday 14th of January 2014 by Trevor Gribble

Injury Index = 2
( 0 =No Injuries or Minor - brief visit to Doctor)
( 1 =Significant - hospitalized or work time loss less than 48 hours)
( 2 =Temporary Disabling Injuries)
( 3 =Permanent Partial Disabling Injuries)
( 4 =Permanent Total Disability)
( 5 =Fatal injuries)


A pilot holding a Club Pilot (PG3) Licence with 2-3 years of experience whist flying at Ma On Shan at approximately 12-1400hrs on Saturday 11th of January 2014.

The conditions at the time were reported to be Variable with a SE wind blowing approximately 26-30kph. The temperature was 15-19deg C with A Little Cloud and Slight Haze Visibility.

There were reported to be 6-10 pilots at the site.

Factors in this Accident:
Hard Landing
Impact with Obstacle
Strong Winds

Event Description:

Pilot was seen to attempt to take off.

Wing was seen to "surge" past the overhead position and develop a "frontal"

The Pilot continued with the takeoff and after leaving the ridge, the wing developed a 30% assymetric on the Right side which turned the pilot toward the right side of the takeoff into the hillside where the pilot hit the ground hard resulting in injuries requiring the GFS helicopter to transport the pilot to hospital

Committee Response: (if any )

From Reports this accident could have been avoided by braking the glider when overhead and stabilising prior to trying to get airborne. shows a strong wind launch technique

UPDATE: 13 Dec: pilot involved contacted and seems to be recovering ok.

Committee Action: (if any )

Youtube of strong launch technique to be put on home page of website - COMPLETED